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"No don't apologize. You're fascinating…so do you think Senora Alcazar's right and we can't say for certain if there's right and wrong?"

"Don't listen to anything that woman says, she barely even believes herself. I can't tell if she just takes positions to start fights or is trying to justify whatever it is she does, be that selling guns or spending tax payer money."

Martine furrowed her brows "I feel sorry for her. It can't be fun to be that negative about everything"

"She could just change her mind. Anyway no I don't think that everything is relative. I think there's black and white, but that leaves room for a lot of grey area."

"And art? I already let you know I agree with Miss Castafiore. She's right about artists torturing themselves over…well a number of things, but mainly that we…I should say they aren't explicitly useful."

"Are you an artist yourself Martine?"

"No…well yes. I'm a painter, but not a real painter. Right now I just make copies, I really have no style of my own. I've tried to create original works but I just stare at a blank canvass. I'm like a parrot who can only imitate and never offer up anything authentic."

Once again there was silence. But it was a good silence; the kind that didn't really need to be broken.  Snowy scampered around looking under the seats and around desks hoping that something interesting would turn up. It didn't. Instead he was left to wonder why the carpets had to be mustard and maroon instead of some nicer colors. He had a theory (that he made a mental note to share with the French poodle) that airports were designed by people whose aesthetic sensibilities were so lacking that they couldn't work on anything else. The business community had solved the problem of these people by getting together and decide that they would all make airports so that people with a better sense of attractiveness could design other structures. It was Martine who broke the silence.

"Mr. Tintin…"

"Just Tintin"

"Have you ever thought that white was a terrifying color?"

"Yes, when I was in Nepal. The most frightening things where giant white expanses in which you could go mad wandering in circles for days, left at the mercy of the insatiable White Goddess. But what made you ask? Have you ever been trapped in the snow?"

"No I was thinking of the concept of blankness, of nothing. People dislike darkness because they associate black with death. Death is frightening of course but nothingness is just as frightening.  When I look at a blank canvas that I can't turn into a painting I think of sterility, of impotence, of the inability to create anything meaningful…I…"then she started laughing "I'm sorry that sounded so much better in my head…I don't mean to be so pretentious I just…when I was at art school, before I dropped out, we had a class that started at 12:00 and went until two."

"Sounds Draconian"

"It was nice really but the whole reason for that was people would say more and be more honest when it was late and they were tired. It all became very..ah…stream of consciousness is the nice way of talking about it. I really liked it, I mean…I still don't think what I said came out right but…why should it sound so silly? Everyone has thoughts like that they just don't vocalize them so when they do it sounds strange."

Tintin snickered "I think that you have a very generous view of human nature. Don't expect me to believe that General Alcazar thinks about white being frightening because it represents nothingness and the failure of creative potential."

"I'm sure he does, to me he seems like a secret romantic"

"No. That man doesn't think, he just reacts. I take that back I've seen him trying to think and you could almost see the cogs turning inside his head. Or Carredias, the only thing he can think of when he looks at a painting is how much it costs and whether or not Onassis has one. Or Bianca, any train of thought she starts doesn't get out of the station because it gets interrupted by her wondering where her jewels are." Tintin was hoping that Martine would find this humorous but she just looked confused. He wondered if maybe she took the world a little too seriously to find levity in his remarks…or they weren't funny in the first place.

"You say the general doesn't think, but he must…"

"I mean that he mainly acts on instinct, he doesn't really think about the appropriateness or the consequences of his actions."

"Yes but what does he think about when not just reacting?"

"Well…I don't know…maybe…I suppose I'd say not much. I really think most people just don't think about things like that…" Tintin put the hand that wasn't holding Martine's to his forehead as he said this. Part of him wanted to say "nothing" but he couldn't quite bring himself to say it. He supposed that when it came right down to it you couldn't really know what was going on inside someone else's mind, but he felt that he could make very good guesses.

"Well why should they?"

"I don't just mean the colors, I mean about art as a whole, or god, or whether or not what they're doing is any good. I think a lot of people just get one idea into their head that works and they just leave it there."

"Well what about Carredias? You say that he doesn't think about art but he might have a lot to say about something else, and he must be very clever to have made all that money. Or Miss Castafiore, I thought that she was most eloquent…you still haven't told me what you think about art by the way." Prompted Martine.

"Your right I suppose. But Castafiore has to have some kind of answer about art she's an artist and I'm sure that reporters ask her about the subject and she has to have a readymade speech for them."

Martine shook her head. "It didn't sound like that to me. I'm always so desperately curious to know what it's like to be other people to know what they think about…"

"And I'm telling you I think that you'd be terribly disappointed."

"And I think that you sell people short" another silence descended broken by Snowy whimpering. He knew that the humans found sleeping at an airport difficult but he would be just fine if they stopped and let him curl up on the ground, thank you very much. Tintin got the message and asked Martine if they could go sit down. They managed this and Tintin was gratified to notice that they managed this while still holding hands. Snowy opted for a chair and got comfortable in the seat next to his master's.

"I'm glad I get to talk with you like this Tintin, it is so nice not to have to go on about the weather, it's so liberating to just say what one means" said Martine as she tentatively rested her head on his shoulder.

'But of course we're not saying what we really mean' thought Tintin 'actually I'm speaking in code more than anything else.' What he said out loud was

"I'm glad to talk to you as well"

"You still haven't told me how you feel about art"

"Are you still on your quest to understand the workings of other minds? Well to tell you the truth I'd never really thought about it, see I told you the answers would be disappointing"

"I'm not disappointed."

"I suppose both women had good points but I can't take either of them seriously, Castafiore's an opera singer so she has an axe to grind and the other one was just trying to wind her up. Why do people enjoy arguing I wonder, isn't human interaction already full of possible sources of conflict without trying to create them?"
Martine yawned "I couldn't agree with you more"
Tintin yawned in response, he could feel himself falling asleep. Then remembered something.

"Martine I'll give you one that you can't argue with. Joylon Wagg has never had an actual thought in his life"

Martine shuddered "I'm inclined to agree with you on that score."
Happy New Year everyone!

This one doesn’t have a filter. By the way does anyone think I’m being a little overcautious by putting it on even the ones with strong language?

Note: in the Tintin universe decades obviously pass but the characters only seem to age a few years if at all. Herge said that Tintin goes from about 15 to 19 over the course of the series and this principle seems to apply to some of the rest of the gang. Haddock seems to mature, Castafiore gets more stylish, and Alcazar goes through male menopause. However the kids like Abdullah or Wagg’s kids stay at the same age. So please just accept that Jocelyn (Wagg’s teenage daughter)has been the same age since The Calculus Affair. Also I think that the Alcazar’s got married sometime between Seven Crystal Balls and Red Sea Sharks (I’ll explain later) which is a much longer time that I’ve stated. However 30 something years just struck me as too long for a couple that married later in life.
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crazytintinlover Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
it s quite refreshing
conversations , not adventures , nor drama , nor romance -specially the last part-
i think your story might help me a lot in the futur
lalunafelis Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This serial of yours was a very refreshing read compared to all the other Tintin fanfics I have read these past days. Your interpretation is not like the other writers', yet they don't feel Un-Tintin (I refuse to use Out Of Character, since the term is way too subjective).
SenoraAlcazar Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012  Student Writer
Thank you very much, I really appreciate your feedback and I'm glad you don't think that it's too far from the source material. Although I mainly try and include material from either literary anaylsis of Tintin or things from Herge's life (that bit about the color white for instance) I still worried about it being out of character.
lalunafelis Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I tend to be more open about the interpretation on the character of Tintin, since he's supposed to be a blank slate and anyone is free to give his or her own interpretation.

BTW, I got to this fic of yours via TvTropes.

I also said it was refreshing, since you were concerned more about bringing a message across than displaying your fantasies of the characters. Well, you did it with Tintin and Martine to some degree, but it's done in a way that it doesn't feel forced on me; unlike most other fics that I've read that seemed to shove the authors' fantasies down my throat.
SenoraAlcazar Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012  Student Writer
I know exactly what you mean!

Oh really? I'm kind of obsessed with TvTropes :) what do they say about me?

Thank you very much that means a lot to me. I find shipping hard to do because I try really hard to write something that someone might want to read and not just my fantasies. Also I find "cute" or "nice" couples (like Tintin and Martine) a lot harder to write and make convincing than dysfunctional ones like the Alcazars (who are of course exaggerated somewhat).
lalunafelis Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Myabe it has something to do with preferences? I actually find it easier to write "cute/nice" couples than dysfunctional ones. I try, but they end up being too wangsty and over-the-top.

Your fic was listed under "Deconstruction Fic". It was described as a "deconstruction" of how the women are treated in the franchise. Although most deconstructions I come across come across more as Hate Fics than real deconstruction, like yours.

It was my pleasure. After being forced to read tasteless Tintin slash smut (yes, they're well-written, but still tasteless) from losing a bet, something like this is a much-needed breather. Nothing against slash, but I simply have places where I draw the line; and the places where I draw them are not exactly popular.

BTW, I'm writing my own Tintin fic, but it's a crossover.
SenoraAlcazar Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012  Student Writer
It’s just that with a couple that works you have to get the audience to buy into their relationship or like them together. I can’t tell you how many tv shows, books, and movies either I or people I’ve talked to have walked away from saying “I can’t see why those two were together” or “I really don’t like that relationship”. Whereas with a couple that doesn’t get along you have more freedom. It’s ok if their initial reason for being together is problematic because so is their whole relationship. Also you don’t often hear people saying “I don’t buy that they don’t get along, I bet that they really like each other” unless the author has made it clear that that’s the case. So I’m impressed that you find functional couples easier.
Ok, just read the article and they hit the nail right on the head.
Thank you again :) That sounds like an interesting bet! So what in slash don’t you like (just out of curiosity)?
Cool, what is it crossed over with?
lalunafelis Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What I don't like about slash (or het, to a lesser extent) is that they take 2 characters who don't have any bit of romantic attachments to each other, or are really just friends with no subtext whatsoever, and make them screw each other. I tend to be more forgiving of this in other titles (and even like some non-canon slash couples myself; but I won't be drawing them), but Tintin is a different story. I don't know, but I simply can't stand the thought of him having sex with any of the canon male characters; so I tend to be more accommodating if he's paired with a male OC. Sorry if it sounds like I'm soapboxing; I'm simply disappointed and annoyed that the only works that predominate and get much attention are slash.

It's a K-On crossover. [link] I can't really update it often, since I have a life.
SenoraAlcazar Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012  Student Writer
I’m with you on that one. I suppose I’m sort of guilty for pairing Tintin and Martine. I don’t think that there’s any subtext in Aph-Art to be totally honest, but it is an unfinished work and I really do wonder if Herge might not have meant to pair them up. He had already started deconstructing many elements of the series and it might be that Tintin’s lack of interest in the opposite gender was next to go. I’m also not a fan of Tintin being paired with the guys in the series. I think he is averse to women but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s gay.

I also agree that it’s annoying how fan fic writers can’t find anything for the characters to do besides have sex with each other, especially when dealing with a plot driven form like Tintin where there’s a lot of room to interpret the characters.

Sorry, I’m afraid that I’m unfamiliar with K-On so cannot properly appreciate the crossover.
(2 Replies)
vixvargas Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it's okay if you decide to keep it for all audiences. It is mostly a clean fanfic, after all (compared to others who use filters)

Another good read, thank you for your work! =D
SenoraAlcazar Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Student Writer
Good point I'll dispense with it in future. :)

Thanks as always!!!
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